A Practical Workshop for Faculty and Graduate Students

Start: 12/17/2018 5:00:00 PM
End: 12/17/2018 7:00:00 PM
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Heba Mostafa, MA, PhD
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P0 20 CVC area. Behind Bassili Hall, plaza level.
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Heba Mostafa, MA, PhD
Assistant Professor, Islamic Art and Architecture, Graduate Department of History of
Art, University of Toronto

Productive writing habits are central to academic success. Although incremental and
regular writing improves productivity and writing quality, sustaining good habits can be
challenging. Structured accountability writing groups create supportive environments
through warm-up exercises and time dedicated to writing every session. Regular
attendance of writing groups has been shown to enhance the ability to write on demand
and improve writing productivity throughout the week.

This workshop explores how to set up and sustain your own writing group, based on the
pioneering work of Dr Rowenna Murray, author of The Handbook of Academic Writing:
A Fresh Approach. The final hour of the workshop will operate as a sample writing
group (see notes on preparation).

? Ten reasons why you should set up a Writing Group
? How it works: The power of an hour of focused writing
? The drop that fills the bucket: Incremental Writing and Productivity
? How to set up a Writing Group: A Toolkit
? Writing Group Mechanics and Facilitation Pro Tips: A Demonstration
? Building Momentum for your Writing Group: Intensive Writing Days and

How to prepare for the sample Writing Group:
Extensive notes are not necessary nor do you need to be actively working on a writing
project. You may bring along any writing activity: material to draft 300-500 words, a
short excerpt to edit or a set of notes to organize. I will offer alternative exercises for
those wishing to kick-start their writing or who may be at different stages of the process.
Please bring writing materials and/or laptop and charger.

Faculty and graduate students are welcome!

Heba Mostafa is currently Assistant Professor of Islamic Art and Architecture at the
Department of Art, Graduate Department of the History of Art at the University of
Toronto. She is a graduate of the University of Cambridge (PhD), the American
University in Cairo (MA) and Cairo University (BSc). Her motivation as a writing
facilitator is rooted in a strong belief that written communication skills are integral to
academic excellence and well-being at all academic stages. Trained in writing facilitation
and writing productivity by Dr Rowenna Murray (writing productivity specialist and
author of How to Write a Thesis and The Handbook of Academic Writing) while a
doctoral candidate at Cambridge University, she has been a dedicated writing group
facilitator, trainer and participant for over a decade. Since 2008 she has set up and
managed writing groups at the University of Cambridge, the University of California,
Berkeley, the University of Kansas, the Kunst Historisches Institute in Florence-Max
Planck Foundation, Italy and the University of Toronto. At Cambridge, she consulted with
the Office of Graduate Development on university programs for graduate writing groups
and in 2014-16 served as a workshop facilitator at the University of Kansas’ Writing
Center. She also helped develop faculty writing productivity programs in consultation
with the Office of the Dean of Faculty Affairs at the University of Kansas. In September
2018 she secured funding and co-launched a departmental Graduate Writing Initiative at
the University of Toronto. She currently manages two faculty writing groups on campus,
which she attends weekly, and is in the process of launching additional faculty groups
campus-wide in 2019.

For more information contact us at gradserv@aucegypt.edu
Call 2615- 2620

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